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Ram topiary
Topiary near Oatlands


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FactsRooftop Art

Named by Governor Lachlan Macquarie as a suitable place for a military station in 1821 and with the subsequent expectation that it would become a major town some 80 kms of streets were planned. Today Oatlands is better known as a convenient stopping point in the journey between Launceston and Hobart and for its many old buildings including the Court House, Callington Mill, Hoilyrood House and the Old Gaol.

Hotels and B & B

  • Amelia Cottage, C/- Waverley Cottages, Oatlands
  • Annie’s Room, C/- Waverley Cottages, Oatlands
  • Autumn Cottage, C/- Waverley Cottages, Oatlands
  • Blossoms Tearooms and Accommodation, 116 High St, Oatlands
  • Bouquet Residence Bed & Breakfast, 66 High St, Oatlands
  • Fonthill B & B, 1025 Lemont Rd, Lemont
  • Forget-Me-Not Cottage, C/- Waverley Cottages, Oatlands
  • Grandpa’s Den, C/- Waverley Cottages, Oatlands
  • Granny’s Attic, C/- Waverley Cottages, Oatlands
  • Kentish Hotel, 60 High St, Oatlands
  • Midlands Hotel, 91 High St, Oatlands
  • Oatlands Lodge Colonial Accommodation, 92 High St, Oatlands
  • Pandora’s Box, C/- Waverley Cottages, Oatlands
  • Spring Cottage, C/- Waverley Cottages, Oatlands
  • Thimble Cottage, 101 High Street, Oatlands
  • Waverley Cottage Colonial Accommodation, Waverley Cottages, Oatlands
  • Waverley Croft, C/- Waverley Cottages, Oatlands
  • White Horse Inn, 99 High St Oatlands
  • Winter Cottage, C/- Waverley Cottages, Oatlands

Restaurants and CafesCallingtom Mill

  • Blossoms Tearooms and Accommodation, 116 High St, Oatlands, 6254 1516
  • Kentish Hotel Restaurant, 60 High St, Oatlands, 6254 1119
  • Midlands Hotel, 91 High Street, Oatlands, 6254 1103
  • Oatlands Road House, 47 High Street, Oatlands, 6254 1268
  • Oatlands Tea Rooms & Takeaway, 102 High Street, Oatlands, 6254 1161
  • The Stables Cafe-Restaurant, 85 High St, Oatlands. 6254 0013
  • White Horse Inn, 99 High St, Oatlands, 6254 1155


  • Dolls at the Mill, Callington Mill Residence, Oatlands, 6254 0039
  • Oatlands Court House, Campbell St, Oatlands, 6254 1212
  • Oatlands Flour Mill, High St, Oatlands, 6254 1212
  • Oatlands Gaol House, Campbell St, Oatlands, 6254 1212
  • Scottish, Irish and Welsh Shop, 64 High St, Oatlands. 6254 1541


  • Fieldings Historic Tours, 7 Gay St, Oatlands, 6254 1135


  • Central Tasmanian Tourism Centre, 85 High St, Oatlands, 6254 1212
  • Oatlands Golf Club, Esplanade, Oatlands, 6254 1342
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Other locations [kms]
Campbell Town 48
Ross 36
Kempton 35
Bothwell 48
Hobart 81
Launceston 115

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